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Hi there👋 I'm Kara and I LOVE helping entrepreneurs and small businesses like you


Health Coaches

Online Teachers

Expat/Life Abroad

take content, business management, and admin tasks off their to-do list so they can get back to their clients and the things they love in business- not the techie stuff!


”Kara gave me the permission to be FREE. Free from the obligations, self guilt, my unknowingness, etc. She provided lifelong knowledge and empowerment while simultaneously rerouting my mentality at its core. She has an innate ability to make things light where there was seemingly unwavering heaviness. She sparks inspiration and adventure as a humble servant leader. You can always see and know her greatest joy is to see you shining at your brightest. I couldn’t imagine a better coach to have lead me on my journey and am so grateful to know her and work with her.”

-Hannah B

Build out your CRM/1st Funnel/Migrate all subscriptions

Service 1


One-time fee- approx. 4 weeks to complete

no recurring monthly management

Migrate all your subscriptions into one software



Payments/ Stripe/Paypal


Level 1

Build out your entire CRM and 1st Funnel- everything in one place!

Imagine a tiny fairy-like being in your pocket giving you back time for life and business. It will take me about one month to migrate all your subscriptions (payments/emails/ calendars/conversations/automation/courses/memberships).

I will build using FG software and this is your subscription so you can manage it after I build it OR I can manage it for you each month! Let me help you grow your business by helping you AUTOMATE everything!

Course Creation



Course Creation from Idea to Launch It!

One-time fee

Create your course along side you

Hand-holding from Idea to Launch!

Ideal for someone who wants to create their course but is stalling

Pick your favorite teaching platform or use my favorite-FG

You write your copy and I support you

We film each class together

Your entire course is DONE in one month and ready to sell Launch It!

Build an Evergreen Course and confidence for the next one!

Level 2

Capturing your voice and Creating Your Course

I'm trained in how to best capture your unique voice and help you go from Idea to Launching your own course. I will hold your hand and make sure you're ready to go live in a month. Taking 1-3 months to promote your course is a tested strategy. So, while we build your course you can be testing your market and do the market research to make sure we're designing a course your audience wants and needs so it will sell! You can pick your favorite teaching platform or use my favorite which is Funnel Gorgeous. I suggest this software/platform because you can scale your entire business using this software. There is a monthly cost to use FG and I will show you all that it is capable of since you know you want to grow and eventually scale your online business.


"I'm so fortunate to have worked with Kara. Her eagerness to take action on outstanding tasks is inspiring and makes me want to do the same. She always communicates in her cheerful, positive manner which is both genuine and contagious!"

-Meagan F

Build-Out + Business Management & CRM




Build-out takes approx. one month and

minimum maintenance 5 hours a week recurring each week.

I am your online business manager.

CRM Management

Automations & Processes

Funnel Template Setup & Editing

Tech Connections & Setup

Course Creation/ Multiple Coure

Membership for your clients/students

Level 3

Your behind-the-scenes biz bestie❤️

I'm trained in Go High Level and have worked in Infusionsoft, Thinkific, New Kajabi, ClickFunnels, and several other management systems. My goal is to set up and manage savvy systems for your products and programs to make launches and operations effortless. I will build out everything in about one month and then manage it for you each week. The minimum is 5 hours per week / 20 per month. While I am managing this, we can plan how you're growing- new funnels- courses-memberships etc.

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